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Think Friendly

Welcome to the School for Evangelism and Discipleship of Global University! We have been helping new believers to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ for over 30 years in countries around the world. We hope you will take the time to apply (at no cost) and enroll in your first course Who Jesus Is (also at no cost)! We are here to help you grow in your walk with God so please do not hesitate to contact our faculty at with any questions you might have concerning the courses or to just simply tell us how one of these courses has impacted your life.


Please follow the instructions below to apply and enroll in a course:


1. Click on "Apply for Admission" at the top right of this screen and follow the instructions provided.

2. Enter the user name and password you selected in the login fields provided at the top right of the screen.

3. Click the “Available Courses” link at the top left of the screen for a list and description of courses. There are 18 Christian Life courses and 18 Christian Service courses.

4. Select a course and begin your studies.  You can study “Who Jesus Is” at no cost!

5. We recommend taking self-tests at the end of each lesson and unit exams at the end of each unit before taking the final exam. You may review your progress and transcript by selecting “progress” in the upper left corner of the home screen.

Please contact us at if you are a student who has completed all 18 Christian Life courses and desire an end of series certificate or all 18 Christian Service courses and desire an end of series diploma.